To take payments you need to create packages. Essentially you will create a package, define its options and choose it's price. Once this package is created you will need to add it to a page through visual composer, e.g. (http://citylister.krucialthemes.com/layout1/packages/).

Once a user selects a package they will be taken to your "Add Listing" page template. They will create their listing, and once all the information has been validated they will be sent to either PayPal or Stripe to make payment.

Once payment has been made successfully they will be redirected to a "Payment Thank-You" page. The details of the transaction will also be available for the user to view from within their Account Payments page.

Create A Package

To create a new package go to Packages > Add New and create a name for your package.

Once this has been done you will need to define the package options below. There are currently 6 package options which you can define:

  • Charge For Package - Select yes if you are charging money for the listing.
  • Package Price - If you have selected yes to "Charge for Package" you will need to enter here how much you are charging. You MUST format your price like this, example: 7.50
  • Price Currency Symbol - Enter the currency symbol you would like to use, e.g. $
  • Featured Package - A yes or no option whether you would like this to be a featured package. If you select yes this "Package" will look slightly different when displayed on page through visual composer.
  • Show on GoogleMaps - Would you like listings in the package to be shown in the GoogleMaps search results?
  • Accept Reviews - Would you like listings in this package to have comment sections where people can leave reviews?

Once you have configured these options you can list all of the benefits of this package. These benefits will be displayed on the package added through visual composer.